Swimming Pool

Jun 18, 2021

One of the newly built Bangalore’s premium real estate project engaged with Racanaa to achieve their energy conservation goal. At the initial stage of the engagement Racanaa identified areas with higher potential of energy savings, one such area is the swimming pool where Racanaa installed its ‘Ctrl-R’ solution for monitoring and identifying potential savings. Three month long observation results surprised the builder of the project with below findings –

  • Irregular pattern of Pump Operations changed to standard operating procedure.
  • Earlier ~ 36 Units/day consumption dropped down to less than 9 Units/day (~76% savings).
  • Optimized pump run hours has increased the lifespan of pump and reduced maintenance cost up to 75%.
  • Daily Peak power has been recorded just as 5kW against 15kw before ‘Ctrl-R’ installation (67% optimization)

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