Choose control over your
‘Energy Spent’


Reduction of
Contract Demand


Savings on
Energy Demand


 Reduction of Carbon Footprint


Struggling to gain control over your electricity bill?

How Much?

You only know your energy cost when the utility bill and diesel bill arrive.


Bills do not show you where you consumed your energy and if it was the right amount.


The systems and equipment in your business might be consuming more than they should.


Enabling measurable impact.


Measure down to each circuit
breaker level and use data and models
to forecast energy usage.


Identify energy usage at each
connected load and compare it to
analytical models.


Use data and proprietary
techniques to determine issues and
drive efficiency optimisation.

Racanaa Energy Management System

A data driven smart system


Up to 20% savings on current energy bills

Zero CAPEX investment – ‘Energy as a Service’

Real-time control of connected supplies & loads

Preventive maintenance for optimal asset life utilization


Single platform for supply and demand side management

Customized dashboards with near real time updates

Alarm management with configurable back end features

Automated reporting

Racanaa Offerings

Enabling measurable impact.

Monitoring as a Service

Provide data on the various supply
and demand side energy flows along
with alarms. Automated
control is not included.

Hardware Cost

Operational Cost

Energy Management as a
Service (EMAAS)

Provides data on supply &
demand while optimizing the
consumption through automated

Hardware Cost

Operational Cost

Energy as a Service

Outsources energy management on a
long term contract (5 years minimum)
with pre-defined SLA

Hardware Cost

Operational Cost

Case Study – Bank Branch

A leading bank in India evaluated RACANAA’s Energy as a Service (EAAS) offering to ensure efficient and scalable energy management for its pan India branch network (close to 5,000 branches). The annual average of energy demand across the network was about 23 kWhr/sq. ft. A proof of concept for the 1st Phase of implementation was deployed at a branch. The 1st Phase only addressed the monitoring of the supply and demand side of the branch. *

Penalty on Contract Demand
Fixed cost on Contract Demand
Abnormal Consumption **
Power Factor
Diesel Bill
Asset Life ***
*Average savings/branch/month is considered of 5 branches performance are showcased here
**Abnormal consumption AC is considered
***Only Air Conditioner’s life is showcased for asset life

Case Study - Fast Food Restaurant

With over 400 outlets across the country, a fast-food major decided to monitor and manage its energy consumption at these outlets. The fast food major was aiming for power consumption visibility across appliances used in each of the outlets to help optimize operations and achieve its energy savings goal.

Case Study – Real Estate Common Area

A real estate developer with core focus of “Natural and Environment Friendly Living” engaged with us to achieve their energy conservation goal. The first phase of our engagement started with identifying common area energy savings potential.

75% Savings on monthly energy bill

Case Study – Swimming Pool

One of the newly built Bangalore’s premium real estate project engaged with Racanaa to achieve their energy conservation goal. At the initial stage of the engagement Racanaa identified areas with higher potential of energy savings, one such area is the swimming pool where Racanaa installed its ‘Ctrl-R’ solution for monitoring and identifying potential savings. 



- Mr. Rahul Baliga (Co-founder, FF21)

Racanaa’s solution helped us save over INR 31,000/month in energy bills for just one of our properties. I am glad that we decided to work with Racanaa. Energy costs have always been a challenge, we were paying electricity bills with no visibility on why or where we were consuming energy. After installation of the Racanaa solution, we understand our energy consumption patterns much better and have visibility of our trouble areas. We will now have Racanaa as a standard with all our existing and new facilities.

Our Team

Our highly experienced management team operates within India and has managed power and fuel for 23,500 telecom towers across the country. 

Peter Brown


Public market experience as CEO of Turbo Power Systems. Worked as Managing Director for Rolls-Royce’s after-market business.

Murali Arikara


International experience with batteries, fuel cells, electrical mobility, energy management. Awarded 9 US patents related to energy technology. Co-founder Jadoo Power Systems (US).

Arun Nemani

Exec Director Sales

20+ years working with Fortune 100 companies – Indian & US Corporate Sales, Business Development and Strategy. Corporate experience with DEC, Chrysler, Microsoft, Asterop (France).

Bill Milne


Public market experience as Group Controller at THUS PLC. Worked with PWC in Transaction Services and Advisory.

Media and News

6 Reasons why Energy Management is important for distributed businesses

For businesses which are distributed through many branch offices/outlets, either they are tenants of a large commercial building or a tenant of an independent commercial building. Often, managing energy at such distributed facilities does not add up to the actual energy savings goal of the businesses. At the same time, in pursuit of energy conservation most of the businesses end up selecting isolated solutions across various facilities which further complicate the scaled adoption of the same solution.

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