Energy Automation: Customizable control algorithms to automate asset operations

Reduce manual intervention in SOPs

Leverage Pindera to Scale Digital Transition

A 360 degree energy service delivery platform

The Platform


Energy consumption benchmarking & algorithms testing by developing data-driven analytical models.


Real-time actionable insights, modelling calibration, and algorithms verification to avoid business downtime.


Alarming and control automation to derive optimal business-centric operations.


DP level monitoring & control in real-time based on requirements driven by algorithms and modelling.

Pindera is a real-time service delivery platform that brings all critical aspects of energy management together and provides the opportunity to scale with seamless access to insight across various touchpoints. Address energy problems of your business in a simple and staged manner without any additional bandwidth and risks through this platform. Our energy management solutions incorporates:

Advice: Engineering to Economics

Net Zero Strategy:

Our energy lineage helps our customers to lay the roadmap for ‘Net Zero’ Facilities

Compliance Risk:

At Racanaa Energy, we bring in transparency in the standard operating processes and help our customer to be compliance and audit ready.

Investment Plan:

We help our customers with investment plan to achieve Net Zero and compliance goals.

Intelligence: Energy Insights over Information

Modelling and Benchmarking:

Our analytical models that allow predicting energy flows in a facility and develop and test control algorithms.

Control Automation:

Through our proprietary ‘Pindera’ platform we execute our modelling efforts that automates, optimize and ensure proactive operation.

Customized Dashboard:

A real-time energy dashboard can be customized and accessed through various digital touch points including a simple mobile app.

Management: Lead the transition with us

Energy as-a-Service:

We offer end-to-end partnership to our customers who are leading the digital transformation of energy management where we share the risk and guarantee savings for our customers.

Case Studies

Meeting your energy savings goal while transitioning to a more sustainable world requires a complex journey. We are here to guide you as your sustainable energy solutions partner.

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