Jul 25, 2022

Your electricity bill should reflect the amount of electricity you’ve used. If your electricity bill has suddenly gone up and you weren’t expecting it, it’s worth finding out why that happened.

Racanaa deployed an energy manager at a residence that resulted in a 20% savings in energy within the first month and provided additional insights that resulted in cost avoidance by eliminating penalties and equipment maintenance before failure.

Aging appliances, overdue maintenance, circuit overloading, excessive or unrequired appliances run hours are among the top culprits that cause high electricity bills. Instead of wondering and worrying about why your electric bill is so high, take action to determine the causes. Most homeowners are not aware of how much energy their appliances like air conditioners, water heaters, or refrigerators consume daily. Keeping an eye on energy-hogging appliances and using an energy management system can provide the information needed to take action and correct any discrepancies.

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