Real Estate

Jun 18, 2021

A real estate developer with core focus of “Natural and Environment Friendly Living” engaged with us to achieve their energy conservation goal. The first phase of our engagement started with identifying common area energy savings potential. Site survey data and historical electricity bills for the common area of one of the developments were analysed to identify current issues in electricity consumption. The key findings (summarized below), after deployment of Racanaa Energy’s Ctrl-R system, led to a potential 31% savings on monthly energy bill.

  • 83% of the total energy consumption was by only 3 pumps.
  • Abnormal run hours for hot water re-circulation pump (approximately 24 hrs. / day),
  • Abnormal run hours for Swimming Pool Filter Pump (approximately 17 hrs. / day
  • Non-operating hours energy consumption approximately 22%
  • 127% higher load on Bore well
  • Extremely low power factor for Hot water re-circulation pump. (0.63)

Below charts represent savings potential, if the corrective measures taken on key parameters identified.

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