What Is Energy Intelligence And Automation For Distributed Facilities?

Jul 6, 2022

With the pressing need to switch over to renewable energy sources, several companies have taken the first step by mindfully integrating energy-saving data services as part of their power management process. However, this becomes tricky when a business hopes to implement this for large-scale or distributed facilities. 

Many businesses implement energy-saving data services hastily, only to discover that data or information alone is not enough. What further demotivates businesses is that there is a supplier deficit when it comes to interpreting that data at a granular level, any intuitive monitoring tech that helps automate operations or energy insights that can manage a large network of branches or facilities.  

Energy Intelligence (EI) clearly outlines the where, when, how, and whys of a businesses’ energy consumption from a network and facility standpoint, down to an appliance level. It decodes the businesses’ power meter using AI technology, analyzes, and translates the readings into a cumulated form. 

Energy Automation (EA) as the name suggests automates major to minor processes by curating key algorithms so businesses can control both the supply and demand of their electrical infrastructure. This includes the operations of their power generators, UPS, and renewable energy sources (if installed) for various processes such as lighting, HVAC, and ICT equipment while minimizing the possibility of human error.  

Be it single to distributed facilities, these insights can be monitored and accessed via centralized, live, real-time dashboards to help businesses make standard operating processes (SOPs) more resilient by tracking:  
-Energy asset health 
-Electrical safety margins 
-Machine-level energy consumption patterns 
-Energy wastages per appliance 
-Forewarnings of overload 
-When equipment maintenance services are needed 

Although EI and EA are still catching on, businesses fail to realize the true potential of energy-intelligent tech because of the misconception that data intelligence and operational intelligence are mutually exclusive 

Racanaa efficiently integrates the two to provide energy solutions and create a culture of empowerment for effective, sustainable implementation across a clients’ business. We enable and educate businesses to achieve Net-Zero when it comes to their electricity consumption through our data & insight-driven EI & EA services. Besides eliminating any detected wastage of energy, businesses can make informed energy-related decisions and have a realistic steppingstone for transitioning to renewable energy in the future.


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